Casino is a type of gambling establishment that offers various types of games of chance and in some cases skill. Players gamble in exchange for cash or casino chips on random events and in some cases against other players. A casino also earns money by taking a commission on winning bets, which is known as the rake. Casinos are also often a destination for entertainment and feature concerts by popular musicians, high-flying circus acts, and celebrity performers.

Modern casinos rely heavily on technology for security and game supervision. Among other things, computerized systems monitor the amount of money wagered minute-by-minute on each machine; chips with built-in microcircuitry allow casinos to track the exact sums placed, and alert managers to any statistical deviation from expected results; and roulette wheels are electronically monitored regularly to discover any anomalies quickly.

The largest casinos are often sprawling, mega-sized buildings that are home to thousands of slot machines and table games. These behemoths are often located in urban areas and cater to a wide variety of clientele, from high-rollers seeking to place large wagers to families looking for an afternoon of fun. Many offer a full range of services, from five-star hotel accommodations to Michelin star restaurants and designer shops. They also feature top-billed entertainment shows ranging from high-flying circus acts to the latest musician concerts topping the Billboard charts. Despite their size and grandeur, these casinos make little profit from the average player.